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NCIS Secret Santa

Gift exchange challenge

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Look for sign-ups in early October. Our Go Live! date is 25 December.
(Stories can be loaded any time after assignments are sent out, but will not be viewable until the Go Live! date.)

You must have an AO3 account to participate as a writer/recipient.
If you need an invite, please contact solariana at jacieleigh (at) gmail (dot) com.

1. You sign up to request a story and agree to write a story for someone else.
2. Your story should be based on your recipient’s request.
3. Minimum word count is 2000.
4. Stories are to be anonymous until the reveal. Do not publicly mention or discuss details of your story or the request (until after the Author reveal in January).
5. Stories must be read by a beta by Dec 24th (rough drafts must be loaded to AO3 by the scheduled due date).
6. Please adhere to due dates as there is a set go-live date for the challenge. Stories must be complete.
7. Don’t forget to thank your Santa!

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Community FAQs

Live chat room for NCIS fanfic writers: NCIS Challenge Chat Room

Discussions for this community are held at ncis_discuss under the tag "community: ncis sesa".
Everyone is welcome to begin or participate in a discussion.